We are creating the future of medicine!


Join the FNUSA-ICRC and help advance medical research. Be part of an international centre of excellence in many areas of clinical, translational and basic research. The unique link between the research infrastructure and the teaching hospital allows us to test and translate clinical findings into basic research and basic research into clinical practice.

At the FNUSA-ICRC, we are committed to one thing – finding new ways to prevent and treat the most serious and widespread diseases that affect everyone. To achieve these goals, we need to bring out the best in ourselves every day.

FNUSA-ICRC employs more than 400 people from 30 countries working on approximately 70 ongoing grant projects and publishing more than 1,800 scientific articles. 23 % of the staff are international experts, Postdocs and students of more than 19 nationalities.

Top researchers, PhD students, project and grant specialists, specialists in other administrative areas work in 23 scientific teams, 7 Core Facilities and the admin departments.

The Memorandum with the Faculty of Medicine or Faculty of Science of Masaryk University enables the linking of physicians and scientific teams for joint projects and knowledge sharing, including sharing of state-of-the-art instrumentation, laboratories and support facilities.



Up Card worth CZK 8,000 /calendar year (after 1 year of employment)

Multisport card

Special events and discounts on services and products not only in the field of sports but also beauty, relaxation and health. Opportunity to draw on the Cafeteria allowance.


Choice of 7 dishes, including a vegetarian menu, at a subsidised price

Sick Days

2 days of sick leave per calendar year


Reserved parking near the hospital premises at a discounted price

Pharmacy account

Purchase in the hospital pharmacy worth CZK 2,000/calendar year (after 1 year of employment)

Vaccination allowance

Vaccination against influenza (free) Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination Vaccination against other infectious diseases

Discounted mobile tariffs

For employees and their family members

Supplementary pension insurance

Contribution to supplementary pension schemes and supplementary pension savings

Language courses

English language course for employees. Individual foreign language lessons at discounted prices

Discounted offers

Discounts and special offers for our employees and their family members: - for the purchase of electronics - cultural and leisure events - travel - purchase of dioptric glasses - cosmetic services, etc.

What else do we offer?

  • Part-time jobs and friendly attitude towards employees with kids or employees who care about the member of their family
  • Support for continuing education of our employees
  • HR Award – we care about our employees and follow the principles of HR Excellence in Research
  • Support for equal opportunities and diversity