New software developed by our scientists

Loschmidt Laboratories announced a new version of CAVER PyMOL plugin. Bioinformatics from the FNUSA-ICRC Protein Engineering Research Team contributed to this result.

CAVER is a software tool for analysis and visualization of tunnels and channels in protein structures. Tunnels are void pathways leading from a cavity buried in a protein core to the surrounding solvent. Unlike tunnels, channels lead through the protein structure and their both endings are opened to the surrounding solvent. Studying of these pathways is highly important for drug design and molecular enzymology. It is a popular software with more than one hundred and eleven thousand downloads.

“The new version of the plugin is now compatible with the latest version of PyMOL 3.0,” confirmed Jiří Damborský. “It has several enhancements for easier installation and a more user-friendly experience. The ease-of-use and user-friendliness of the new software is key to us. We develop and provide software tools to the professional community within the ELIXIR project.”

CAVER software logo