To transport, or not to transport, that is the axon.

Gorazd Bernard Stokin, Ph.D., MD

Phone: +420 543 181 160

Key words

Aging, Alzheimer`s Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stem Cells, Axonal Transport.

Research focus

  • The Lab aims to advance our understanding of aging and age-related disorders with major emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease. To this end the Lab combines basic and translational neuroscience approaches.
  • Among the basic neuroscience questions, the Lab focuses on deciphering the role of impairments in axonal transport and of the axonal defects in aging and neurodegeneration. Moreover, the Lab is also interested in elucidating the role of astrocytes in these processes with particular attention to the axonal biology and pathology.
  • Among the translational neuroscience questions, the Lab investigates cognitive, transcriptomic and proteomic changes of aging at the intersection with early clinical cognitive pheenotypes

Main goals

  • Identification of the earliest changes of aging and neurodegeneration
  • Understanding mechanism underlying aging and neurodegeneration
  • Generation of human stem cell derived neuronal and glial lineages to address aging and neurodegeneration

Technological equipment

  • Development of a novel human stem cells based traumatic injury model.
  • Production of antibodies for the diagnostics and therapeutics of Alzheimer´s Disease
  • Automated immunochemistry Scoring System