Scientists Researching Healthy Aging Met in Olomouc

The second meeting of researchers participating in the unique project entitled A Molecular, Cell and Clinical Approach to Healthy Aging (ENOCH) took place on March 20–21, 2019 in Olomouc. In addition to the representatives of our center, it was also attended by representatives of project partners from Palacký University, Ostrava University, Masaryk Oncological Institute and Olomouc University Hospital.

The meeting started with a tour of Institute of Molecular and Translation Medicine (IMTM), the attendants had the opportunity to see laboratories and research environment of the institute. This was followed by presentations by principal investigator Dr. Gorazd B. Stokin and project manager Alena Tresová focusing on current project activities in both administrative and research sections. The first day of the meeting was concluded with a lecture by Prof. Miso Sabovic from Ljubljana University Medical Center on the topic The Vascular Risk Factors of Dementia with Emphasis on Arterial Wall Rigidity.

The second day, each of the four projects’ research programs (Ageing and Cancer, Ageing and Chronic Inflammation, Degenerative Process in Ageing and Modulation of Ageing) had its own separate section, in which the research activities of the teams were presented, and outputs, milestones, and planned results were discussed. A very fruitful meeting was concluded with presentations by the leaders of separate teams and with a final word by the head of our center, Dr. Gorazd B. Stokin, and the director of IMTM, Assoc. Prof. Marián Hajdúch. The next meeting will take place at Ostrava University at the turn of the year.

The CZK 700 million ENOCH project focuses on research and treatment into aging and age-related diseases, namely dementia, cancer or heart diseases.

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Enoch meeting in Olomouc - Photo 1Enoch meeting in Olomouc - Photo 2