Technology transfer e-training has started

Within our institution Technology Transfer Department focuses primarily on the protection of research results and on the transfer of these results to the application sphere. Therefore, it is extremely important that the researchers themselves are aware of the possibilities this department provides.

With this aim, ie to raise awareness of areas where the technology transfer department can help researchers, Bc. Roman Polák created series of e-learning trainings. “We know that due to the workload it is very difficult to bring all researchers to one place at the same time,” explained Polák. “That is why we decided to train them in this form, e-learning.”

The first training sessions took place in November and December on the topic of Applied and Publication Results and Patent Process at FNUSA-ICRC. “For each month, we are trying to pick a topic that could be of most interest to researchers. For example, in January we are planning training on publishing and patents or utility models, ”added Polák. “However, we do not abide suggestions directly from researchers. If they have any special request, we are happy to meet with them and discuss its processing.”

Let’s just add that in 2020 it is also planned to insert training directly into the internal ICRC information system, precisely in the sense of the important IT instruction “user friendly”.