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Negative role of mitochondria in the treatment of neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common malignant tumors in children. It typically affects very young children and sometimes occurs before birth. Neuroblastoma arises from immature cells that commonly form peripheral nerve tissue, including the adrenal medulla, where this tumour is most commonly diagnosed. The causes of the tumour are not fully understood, although it […]


NPO project coordinated by FNUSA approved

On Wednesday, 11 May, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announced the results of the public competition of the EXCELES programme. This is a call launched within the framework of the National Recovery Plan (NPO) with the aim of creating a National Institute for Neurological Research (NINR). The project will be launched in July, […]


FNUSA-ICRC and MU Faculty of Science signed a cooperation agreement

  On Tuesday, 26 April 2022, in the presence of the Director of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno Ing. Vlastimil Vajdák, Dean of the Faculty of Science of MU prof. Mgr. Tomáš Kašparovský, Ph.D. and the Director of the International Clinical Research Centre of the St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) prof. MUDr. […]

We have been awarded a prestigious Horizon Europe grant

A consortium of sixteen scientific institutions, which also includes our center, has been successful with the DataTools4Heart grant. This means more than seven million crowns for FNUSA-ICRC and also further opportunities to participate in other projects with these partners, including the European Society of Cardiology. The aim of the project is to develop a computer […]

Brno City Prize awarded to Prof. Šulcová

Prof. MUDr. Alexandra Šulcová, CSc, FCMA, ECNP, FCINP dedicated her professional life to pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University, where she joined after graduation in 1970. From 1990 to 2011 she was the head of the Institute of Pharmacology at the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University. She then became the head of […]