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Irena Rektorová: As a hospital, we cannot co-found a spin-off

In an interview with Irena Rektorova, a physician and head of the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC), a joint workplace of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA) and the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University (LF MU), we talked not only about how to run a research institution – unique in the Czech Republic – that […]


ICRC concludes its MAGNET project on ageing

The project entitled “Unveiling the molecular determinants of aging to design new therapeutics (MAGNET)” has now successfully concluded at the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) in Brno. Its main focus was research of selected ageing-associated diseases, understanding their mechanisms and finding potential targets for their treatment. The project, which gained great support from the European […]


We have identified a new potential target for the treatment of heart failure

Heart failure is the leading cause of death worldwide. Scientists at the International Clinical Research Centre (ICRC) in Brno have identified a potential target for the treatment of heart disease that is related to the location and function of a protein called hnRNPC. They have now published their findings in the prestigious journal Science Translational […]

Fourfold joy in Loschmidt Laboratories

A scientist’s dream! An event that happens once every 384 years! And the immense joy of all involved, the humility and respect for the work done. All of this is embodied in the success of the scientists from the Loschmidt Laboratories of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University and the International Clinical Research Center […]


Scientists developed a new method for discovering more efficient enzymes

Nature cannot do without enzymes – proteins that speed up chemical reactions in all living organisms. For example, we owe our beer and wine to enzymes; we wouldn’t enjoy hard cheeses and, in principle, wouldn’t do laundry without them. But people also use enzymes in biomedicine, industry, and environmental protection. Unfortunately, relatively few enzymes perform […]

We want to be fair

Representatives of the ICRC received a certificate from the Swedish Ambassador H.E. Frederik Jörgensen on the successful completion of the gender pay equity analysis by Logib. The International Clinical Research Centre (ICRC) in Brno is among 18 institutions and companies awarded for the Gender Equity Assessment. The presentation of the certificates took place on 12 […]


ICRC-led healthy ageing research counts its successes

Preventing diabetes or understanding the causes of Alzheimer’s disease – these are also topics supported by the Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Approach to Healthy Ageing (ENOCH) project, whose investigators met in Brno at the end of September. More than a hundred representatives from five top Moravian research centres evaluated the achievements of ENOCH so far. […]


Detailed pathogen detection in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Scientists from several research teams at the International Clinical Research Centre (ICRC), a joint facility of the Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine and St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno, focused on microbial infections and Alzheimer’s disease. The link between the two has been demonstrated in many studies, and the research focused on the frequency of […]

New uses of cardiac MRI

Scientists from the Noninvasive cardiac imaging – CMR team at the International Clinical Research Centre of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno have published a study entitled “Stress pulmonary circulation parameters assessed by a cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients after a heart transplant”. It was published in Scientific Reports (IF 4,996) and deals with the […]

Schoolchildren of the Visegrad Four learn according to the HOBIT programme

More than 1,700 primary school pupils from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary have received special training on stroke and heart attack through e-learning. A total of 152 classes from 29 primary schools and 56 teachers from the Visegrad Four countries participated in the project “V4 HOBIT: Saving Lives in the V4 through Health […]