Other forms of contract research

In addition to clinical and preclinical trials, FNUSA-ICRC research teams are able to carry out other contract research projects, using instruments that are in many cases unique in the Czech Republic. These are some examples of what we have done for industrial companies in recent years:

  • Analysis of the methodology for clinical data collection and processing, diagnostics and treatment of patients with sleep apnoea, with an emphasis on the use of telemetry capabilities of medical devices.
  • Experimental testing and validation of new biomarkers for the diagnosis of cardiac electro-mechanics using the newly developed VDI technology.
  • Preparation of blood and tissue samples for the pharmacokinetic analysis of doxorubicin-loaded carriers in BALB/c inbred mice.
  • Analysis of biological samples obtained from the in-vivo testing of the bio-compatibility of materials from HA-C16 and HA-C12.
  • Biocompatibility testing of modified hyaluronan-based nonwoven textiles.
  • Analysis of anti-inflammatory markers from samples obtained from the in-vivo biocompatibility testing of modified hyaluronan-based materials.
  • Analysis of records of patients with sleep apnoea – Mewzip with ECG curve, Mat file with O2 curve and annotation table with apnoeic events.
  • Selection of endothelial progenitor cells from bone marrow samples and their further characterisation including functional testing and cultivation.
  • Preparation of biological samples from animal tissues for CNS disorder research and data recording for analysis.
  • Synthesis of specified compounds and optimisation of provided synthetic pathways, development of methodology.
  • Full-body scanning using MRI and anthropometric measurement of human subjects.
  • Evaluation of measurements of the human myocardium and various myocardial disorders using VDI technology