Innovation vouchers

For implementing contract research projects, small and medium-sized companies from the Czech Republic and abroad can obtain ‘innovation vouchers’ covering up to 75% of the costs of projects that are implemented for them, partly or fully, by academic institutions such as FNUSA-ICRC. FNUSA-ICRC has already implemented several such supported projects, including e.g. the clinical assessment of a new monitor for operating theatres, the testing of stent healing in arterial walls, or the preparation of documentation and experiments for testing newly developed medicinal products.

Innovation vouchers are intended for smaller projects such as the purchase of consulting, expert and support services in the field of innovation from research institutions in the Czech Republic or from accredited laboratories in order to initiate or intensify innovation activities. They are not intended for acquiring property, market analysis, internships or training. They are awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic to small and medium-sized Czech companies having registered offices anywhere in the Czech Republic except for Prague, and small and medium-sized companies from abroad, and by the Prague City Hall to small and medium-sized companies having registered offices in the capital.

If you wish to award a smaller project of contract research to FNUSA-ICRC and obtain an innovation voucher for that project, please contact our Technology Transfer.

We will explain how innovation vouchers work and prepare a Research Services Offer which you will need for your innovation voucher application.

Bc. Roman Polák
E-mail: roman.polak(at)