Preclinical research

The FNUSA-ICRC Animal Center offers the possibility of preclinical research into new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, technologies or medicines using animal models – from rodents to large animals such as sheep and pigs. We offer unique instruments that are available at only a few institutions in Europe or even none at all – such as instruments for stereotactic magnetic navigation, MRI in large animals, or a system for research into rodent behaviour.

All preclinical research at FNUSA-ICRC as well as laboratory animal breeding consistently complies with all strict national, European and international rules for animal protection.

Examples of preclinical projects in which we participated:

  • Brain surgery in transgenic minipigs performed using stereotactic magnetic navigation, and examination of these pigs’ brains by magnetic resonance imaging – a link to a press release about Huntington’s disease, UniQure.
  • Evaluation of the effects of the ARQ087, potential compound for human thanatophoric dysplasia treatment, on skeletal growth in a mice model.
  • Comparison of lesion size using manual catheter and remote magnetic navigation (RMN) catheter.
  • Maximum safe electric current setting for ablation using Stereotaxis.